Here at OcuRhythm, we have developed a pair of glasses that use light therapy to correct your circadian rhythm.

Now, without the use of medications, you can naturally influence the release of your body’s hormones to schedule when you sleep and when you wake in a safe and effective manner. The user would just input their current sleep schedule and their desired sleep schedule into our mobile app, and our glasses will optimize the light therapy to achieve the desired change. Our mobile app will remind the user to wear the glasses for a short time either when they wake or before the sleep, whenever that may be.

Light therapy is used by NASA to help their astronauts and employees in mission control regain control of their sleep cycle. Different lamps and lights are available commercially and are even prescribed by neurologists to provide relief to those with sleep disorders. OcuRhythm has capitalized on this technology to provide tailored therapy for every user. Our glasses are the first to use input from the mobile app to personalize the light output specific for your need. Our product is safe, easy, and effective.

We are currently wrapping up the specifications for our first prototype. We will then beta test our device and perfect our technology. If you have any questions for our founders or want to join our mailing list for product updates, please see the contact tab.